Dipl.Ing. Michael Jahn

Dipl.Ing. Michael Jahn

In 1995, Development & Consulting GmbH Holding Vienna was established.

In 1996, Jahn Development & Consulting spol. s r.o. Holding Bratislava was established, as well as other project companies. Teams comprising particular architect and engineers from different professions are developed, according to the type of project and investment.

Architecture and philosophy

Promote architecture in harmony with the needs of a man associated with the nature is essential for us. It is the most important prerequisite and basis of all designs. No intellectual postulates or some abstract aesthetics.

According to Vitruvius (De Architectura), architecture is based on three principles: Stability (Firmitas), Utility (Utilitas), and Beauty (Venustas).

Architecture is the harmony of all proportions, which will be achieved in such a manner that, nothing could be added, diminished, or altered without destroying the whole. (Leon Battista Alberti in 1452: re aedificatoria)