1995 Establishment of holding Jahn Development & Consulting GmbH in Vienna Dipl. Ing. Michael Jahn

The subsidiary Jahn Development & Consulting spol. s.r.o. (short JD & C) based in Bratislava consists of architects and engineers. JD & C performs these services for personal group, as well as for third parties.

Čajkovský @ is a project company, with the purpose of designing, building and renting office premises.

At the heart of us is above all the quality and cost control for our customers. Our project teams are built to meet specific requirements.

Bon Domus Rent - is part of a group project Jahngroup that handles projects of retail centers.

Nobile is a project company, which is engaged in the development, implementation and assessment of housing projects.

Green Tech Invest is a design company which owns and manages shares of the undertakings involved in renewable energy.